Watches are accessories that will never go out of fashion. Watches are one of the best options for gift-giving on those occasions when gifts are in order. It is a special and distinguished object, ideal as a gift! To be successful with this type of gift, taking into account the enormous variety of watch models on the market today, you should always think about the person who will receive it: their style, their personality, their taste… At Laguarda Joiers, a watch shop in Barcelona, you can find a wide range of luxury watches: certina watches, maurice lacroix watches and much more!  Buying maurice lacroix watches online at Laguarda Joiers is one of the best options to save money and time. […]

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Buy watches online in times of Covid-19

A watch is usually one of the best gift options throughout the year, as well as an essential accessory. In other words: it’s a very common purchase, and in times of pandemic it still is. Because buying watches online from Oris, Tissot, Seiko or any other brand removes all barriers, as the Barcelona watchmaker Laguarda explained to us. In this jeweller’s-watchmaker’s shop, which as well as a physical shop also has an online shop, they are distributors of the following watch brands: Grand Seiko, Oris, Frederique Constant, Maurice Lacroix, Tissot, Victorinox Swiss Army, Certina, Luminox, Mondaine, Seiko and L. Bruat. They have an extensive catalogue with updated prices and you can buy your watch directly through their website, with total […]

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The Harlem Globetrotters will arrive in Murcia on Sunday 14 May

The long awaited arrival of the Globetrotters in Spain will also stop in Murcia, where you can enjoy their dunks, impossible baskets and juggling. But as well as prodigious ball skills, Globetrotters is synonymous with fun, and at the Palacio de Deportes de Murcia on Sunday 14th May, from 5pm, there will be plenty of it. A representation of the Harlem team, with Orlando ‘El Gato’ Meléndez and ‘Slick’ Willy Shawn, came to the Palacio to give a small exhibition and a talk to some 40 children living in Murcia. ‘El Gato’ is from Puerto Rico, and acted as the one in charge of leading the event, very happy to be back in Spain. And he will be in good […]

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How to buy luxury watches online?

The unstoppable growth of e-commerce has favoured the purchase of watches online, also luxury watches. Buy watches Tissot, Luminox, Oris, Junghans, Seiko, and other top brands, is a comfortable and safe option. There is not always the possibility or time to go to a physical watch shop, which is why some establishments in the sector also have an online shop. This method of purchase has long been totally reliable, especially in establishments such as Laguarda Joiers, an online watch shop in Barcelona and official distributor of major brands. To buy Tissot watches or any other of the top brands, if you decide to do so online, there are a few things to bear in mind. Buy Tissot watches without leaving […]

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cursos de sonido online

The sound courses provide the knowledge to become an expert in sound editing and mixing, recording space conditioning and musical effects. Microfusa Escuela, sound school, offers several online sound courses. The sound technician course is for all those who wish to enter the field of sound technology.  In these sound courses, the concepts, tools and skills that sound professionals need to master in their work are analysed and investigated in depth.  The key concepts that will be covered in the online sound course are: the nature of sound and its electronic form (audio), various tools (microphone, mixer, DAW, processor, loudspeaker, etc.) and the processes used to capture and manipulate sound.  Related functions such as recording, mixing, equalisation and compression, mastering, […]

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envases retornables

Spain is the second European country that throws the most plastic into the Mediterranean, with 126 tonnes a day, second only to the rubbish dumped by Turkey. This is one of the key findings of the report “A Plastic Trap” by the environmental organisation WWF. Plastics make up 95% of the waste in the open sea, on the seabed and on beaches around the Mediterranean. The countries that dump the most plastic waste into the sea are: firstly Turkey with 144 tonnes per day, secondly Spain with 126 tonnes, Italy with 90 tonnes, Egypt with 77 tonnes and France with 66 tonnes per day. In the case of Spain, a total of 4.6 million tonnes of plastic were used in […]

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How blue light glasses work

The influence of technology on our daily lives is a reality. We spend approximately 30% of our time in front of computer, laptop, mobile phone or TV screens, hence the usefulness of blue light glasses. But what exactly do these so-called computer glasses protect us from? The LED backlighting of LCD screens emits a large amount of blue light, which is so called because of its cool hue. This is where the blue light glasses come into play. This light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that our eyes perceive, and is emitted not only by the sun but also by artificial sources such as electronic devices. Nordik Project, which develops and manufactures optical quality glasses that can be bought […]

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The great history of Seiko watches

The history of Seiko watches dates back to 1881. Kintaro Hattori, a young entrepreneur in his early twenties, opened a watch sales and repair shop in central Tokyo. More than 130 years have passed since then, and Kintaro Hattori’s company is still dedicated to the perfection and innovation that its founder wanted to implement since the company’s founding. We are going to take a journey through the history of Seiko watches, an emblematic watch brand recognised worldwide, of which Laguarda jewellers in Barcelona are official distributors. The first steps of Seiko watches When the company was founded in 1892, its first name was Seikosha (in Japanese, “Seiko” means “exquisite”, “minute” or “success” and “sha” means house). Kintaro Hattori bought a […]

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Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix is a watchmaking company that was founded in 1889 in the Jura region of Switzerland. In its early years, Maurice Lacroix only designed and manufactured models for other companies in the industry. In 1975, the international company Desco von Schulthess launched its first watch models under the new watch brand Maurice Lacroix. The brand was named after one of the deceased members of the management team. Maurice Lacroix aims to preserve the long tradition of the art of watchmaking. Maurice are creating and developing its own complications and movements driven by a passion for detail and perfection. At Laguarda Joiers, Barcelona’s online jewellers, you can buy Luminox watches and Maurice Lacroix watches online. They offer a wide range […]

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Historic Wrestler Hulk Hogan threatens to return to the ring at 67 years of age

The WWE Spain tour is one of the most anticipated shows for the spring of 2021, specifically on May 7. At the same time, Hulk Hogan, probably the most influential star in the history of wrestling, is back in the news. His career in the ring was a milestone, and now, at the age of 67, he announces that he does not rule out a return to action. The statement comes at a time of expectation in our country for the WWE Spain tour, which will take place in Madrid, after being postponed last fall 2020. Tickets can be purchased online through Proactiv. The WWE will broadcast in the Spanish early hours of Monday to Tuesday a Monday Night Raw […]

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