The trends in jewelry and costume jewelery for spring-summer 2020 are already going strong, also in online jewelry stores. Earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, there are models of jewelry that never go out of style, such as diamonds or 18-carat gold. But in addition to the infallible classics that resist everything, every year doubts about the new styles of jewelry that the season brings us are renewed. In mini or maxi size, in gold or silver, smooth or inlaid with colors, pearls or minerals, they are the most common dilemmas when choosing. Fashionable catwalks often give fairly reliable clues, as a lot of jewelry should go in line with clothing. An example is found on the catwalks in Paris, Milan, London […]

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 Sendra Boots have been treading with force and style for more than a century. The already emblematic boot brand that started as a small family business, today is a benchmark throughout the world. Four generations of experience and more than 170 specialists in fashion, design and manufacture of boots, support Sendra Boots’ prestige. Its successful designs, the manufacturing based on the point-to-point sewing and the quality of the materials used, are the signs that distinguish Sendra ankle boots. The brand annually produces 200,000 pairs of boots that pass through the hands of 170 artisans and up to 250 manufacturing operations. One of the stages of this process is Goodyear sewing, a technology that reinforces the quality of Sendra ankle boots. […]

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Like every first Sunday in May, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to remind her of how much she means to us. And jewelry is usually one of the most appreciated gifts. All mothers are excited about a present, regardless of the age of their children who, if they are young, have the complicity of their father. If jewelry is one of the favorite gifts on Mother’s Day, it is its great significance. The jewels symbolize admiration and commitment, and transmit love, gratitude, or friendship, that is why they go beyond a simple gift. Earrings, bracelets, pendants or even diamond or 18-carat gold jewelry are unforgettable gifts. Since ancient times jewels have very special symbolisms and were even attributed powers […]

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Sendra boots for men and women carry 100 years of history and a more than consolidated success. The experience of four family generations currently backed by a team of more than 170 specialists in fashion and boot manufacturing, make Sendra Boots a great brand. Sendra boots combine design, quality, comfort and charisma in equal parts. It is not surprising that it has become one of the most important brands in the world and that Sendra outlet is a highly coveted resource. En At Corbeto’s Boots, passionate specialist in the sale of boots and accessories for over sixty years, there was no shortage of a Sendra outlet. Sendra boots for men, women and children at unrepeatable prices, a purchase that means […]

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Oris watches are manufactured by the Swiss factory that has been named after it for more than a hundred years. They are characterized by their exceptional mechanics and design, as well as the red rotor symbolizing Oris watches. Celebrities from Formula One, aviation, scuba diving and also jazz music, often represent Oris watches sporting them, supporting limited editions. The Oris automatic watch reflects the constant innovation applied by the brand to improve. An example of this is the Oris diving watch, created in collaboration with the Lake Baikal Foundation. This research center works for the conservation of Lake Baikal in Siberia, which is the deepest freshwater in the world. The Oris brand joins this foundation to raise funds to support […]

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What to give for Valentine’s Day?


If there is a romantic gift par excellence, the jewels are the perfect detail for Valentine’s Day. Having a special jewel linked to the love we inspire our partners has an impossible value to quantify. And if that jewel is given the day dedicated to lovers, little else can ask the lucky person to receive it. But even the most romantic and romantic are sometimes in a hurry of time, running the risk of Valentine breaks into the calendar without having your gift ready. In these cases, resorting to an online jewelry store is an excellent resource for getting out of the rush.  An online jewelry store in Barcelona, ​​such as Laguarda, offers a wide range of high-quality jewelry with […]

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Sendra shoe, elegance and comfort

Los zapatos Sendra son un referente en diseño y calidad

Sendra shoes, also known as Sendra Boots, carry 100 years of history behind them as a result of the experience of 4 generations. Sendra Boots started as a family business and today is one of the most important boots brands in the world, something they have achieved thanks to their ability to constantly evolve. The secret of its success lies in its successful designs, the careful craftsmanship, the quality of the materials, and the passion of a whole team. Talk about Sendra shoes is synonymous with prestigious footwear achieved by hand. This desire for perfection is renewed every day by artisan hands that design, cut, embroider and mold the skins in order to achieve a perfect finish. Small works of […]

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These sales get your dream watch

Barcelona watchmaking

They say that January is the most difficult month to cope with the year, and that it is compensated with the incentive of sales. And they have logic because the sales provide the opportunity to acquire more easily than ever things that we need or are excited about. As for example, a watch, which for many people is his favorite jewel, and not only for how useful it is. That is why finding a watchmaker in Barcelona that is an official distributor of major brands, discounts and offers payment facilities, is the goal of many people. A good example of watchmaking in Barcelona that meets those requirements in Laguarda Joyeros, which also has an online store and a fast and […]

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Give jewelry this Christmas

Christmas Jewel

Christmas is the time of the year par excellence to make gifts, and the jewels continue to occupy a position of honor among the most appreciated presents. There are jewels of many types and for all budgets, but if they have something in common, it is that most are loaded with meaning. Not surprisingly jewels such as rings, alliances or watches, are directly linked to the commitment between two people. Even so, jewelry can be given away for other reasons, because when someone is important to us, every occasion is good to prove it. Perhaps for this reason, to which we must add a number of advantages, buying jewelry online is on the rise. And if the purchase is made […]

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tienda de souvenirs

When tourists visit our cities they seem to have a kind of special obsession to get into a souvenirs shop and catch the largest and most tacky Mexican hat possible. As if it were a kind of tradition when visiting the city. Come on, as if the most typical thing about visiting Barcelona, for example, was walking through Las Ramblas with a Mexican hat. And the inevitable thing is that every souvenirs shop in Las Ramblas exploits the concept by filling their premises with colorful Mexican hats. What can we do! Take a “typical” souvenir from the souvenirs shop The problem is that the souvenirs shop has ended up becoming a place that sells what the tourist expects to find […]

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