producción musical

The music production courses provide the tools for the creation of musical events with a knowledge base in sound and audio formation, legal advice, promotion and material dissemination. Music production is the process by which a sound product is generated through the creative conceptualization of the work, its musical composition and its fixation through recording, mixing and mastering systems. Find the course you are most interested in for producing Electronic Music and/or other possibilities within music production at Microfusa Escuela, your music production school. Advantages of music production Music Business training offers a number of advantages when looking for and finding work.  The advantages are: Diversity of work spaces, from independent artists to large production companies. Improve our music in […]

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A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates electrical signals that are converted into sound through speakers or headphones. Synthesizers are so called because they can imitate, or synthesize, a wide variety of sounds, such as the sound of another instrument, a voice, a helicopter, a car or a barking dog. Modular synthesizers can also produce sounds that do not occur in the natural world. The ability to generate tones that cannot otherwise be created is what makes the synthesizer a unique musical tool. At MicroFusa, a store specializing in music technology products, they offer a wide variety of synthesizers, module synthesizers, software synthesizers, keyboard synthesizers, and much more!  How synthesizers work In synthesizers, the task of generating the […]

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gafas plegables

Foldable presbyopia glasses or popularly known as reading glasses or near glasses are the most common solution to presbyopia or eyestrain.  Presbyopia usually appears from the age of 40 or 45 and is characterized by impaired near vision. With age, this problem increases and its correction becomes essential.  Foldable glasses are one of the most recommended options to solve presbyopia or eyestrain. In addition, folding presbyopia glasses can also be useful for any other activity that requires good near vision, such as sewing, using the phone, etc. At Nordic Projekt they have redesigned reading glasses, giving them a more modern, fresh and habitual touch. Nordic Vision reading glasses help tired eyes, see better up close and avoid headaches. How to […]

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Sale 2021: watches at heart rate

One of the most eagerly awaited events at the beginning of the year is the sales, also for buying watches, as you know from the watch shop in Barcelona Laguarda. There is no doubt that it represents an opportunity to get hold of one of the most used and practical jewels, the watch. Many people wait for the sales to renew their watch or to give it away.  The current situation of pandemic need not be a problem, as establishments such as Laguarda, a watch shop in Barcelona, also have an online shop selling cheap watches of the best brands. Actually, cheap and of all prices, since as we have said, a watch is an essential basic, and not all […]

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One of the most recognized brands of western and Mexican charra fashion are Ranger’s shirts. Their acceptance knows no borders, and they are already exported to more than 30 countries. Ranger’s shirts are denim clothing whose raw material is an example of economic, social and environmental sustainability in the state of Jalisco and throughout Mexico. Ranger’s shirts are manufactured in their entirety under strict quality controls, with advanced technology in cutting the fabrics to achieve a perfect fit. In fact, a single pattern is used to make these denim shirts for each size. Where to buy Ranger’s shirts At Corbeto’s Boots, the shop specialising in western fashion and accessories located on the legendary Ramblas in Barcelona, you can find the […]

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The AMAS, short for American Music Awards, is the prelude to the Grammy Awards. This year it was held without an audience in Los Angeles (USA), with the participation of Maluma and Jennifer López. Maluma, Jennifer López and Becky G were the stars of a night in which the main winner was Bunny, winner of two awards. Taylor Swift once again swept the board in the general categories. In the performance section, Maluma and Jennifer Lopez gave one of the most talked about performances by singing their last two singles: “Pa Ti” and “Lonely”. Maluma gives it all with JLo At the AMAS, the good chemistry between the two stars was once again evident in front of the cameras, something […]

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gafas de lectura farmacia

Our habits and our current way of life has made the need to wear glasses for the most common activities: reading, watching television, working on the computer, etc. It is common that, without realizing it, we suddenly begin to see blurry or we begin to suffer from a headache. We probably have presbyopia. An inexpensive solution while we go to the ophthalmologist are pharmacy glasses. Pharmacy glasses are a very practical option while we decide to go to the ophthalmologist, they indicate our pathology and prescribe prescription glasses. They are also a very inexpensive alternative to having spare glasses for specific occasions. But the question is, how do you choose the right pharmacy glasses? Pharmacy glasses, choose the right ones […]

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“Giving a watch as a present at Christmas is a safe bet, it’s an eternal classic”, we are told at Laguarda Joiers. There is always someone in our immediate circle for whom a watch is the perfect gift. There are all kinds of watches for all pockets: sporty, elegant, intelligent, basic and even economical. Laguarda Joiers is a jewelry store in Barcelona that is the official distributor of the best brands of watches and has an online store with distribution to all destinations. In this article they tell us about those considered the top 5 in Top watches of 2020, without a doubt a gift alternative to get it right. The proposals of experts such as Laguarda Joiers Buying Seiko […]

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Loquillo is once again in the news, and not because it has ever stopped being so: the importance of its role in the recording panorama is unquestionable. But on the one hand, the concert of the Loquillo tour scheduled for December 10, 2020, has been postponed to November 12, 2021. The long-awaited event will take place in Madrid, at the WiZInk Center, and Loquillo tickets can also be purchased online at Proactiv. Loquillo himself has made an official statement announcing the postponement, and in the meantime he has thanked on behalf of his band the attitude, behavior and loyalty of his fans. Those who already had the tickets purchased do not have to make any changes: they are valid for […]

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The Funko Pops already reproduce almost everything, from current or not so current TV series, to classic movies, superheroes, rockstars… These pop figures are already so numerous that it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. But of course, their success has been overwhelming, conquering people of all ages. Many of them have become collectors, others just need the pop figure that represents their favorite character, which is more and more frequent to see on office tables. Now that 2020 is saying goodbye, it’s a good time to review the best Funko Pop of the year, which can be a perfect Christmas present. In Norma Cómics, who also know a lot about Funko Poc and have a good […]

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