Maurice Lacroix is one of the most popular and charismatic watch brands. Its history began in 1961 as an assembly business, and in its early days, watches were made for customers under different brand names. The first watch model to bear the Maurice Lacroix name was launched in Austria in 1975, and a year later, the brand was introduced in Spain.The popularity and growth of Maurice Lacroix watches boomed in the 1990s as a result of their attractive designs and optimal value for money. In addition to the sober watches in the brand’s affordable price segment, the Masterpiece collection focused on mechanical and technological advances. On 1 October 2001, the Maurice Lacroix SA brand became an independent unit of the […]

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Maserati Watches: A Symbol of Power

The history of Maserati watches dates back to 1914, when Alfieri Maserati and his brothers began the handcrafted production of high-end automobiles in Bologna, Italy. The Maserati brothers, before launching their own brand in 1926, built racing cars for other firms. Sporting successes came in abundance from 1930 onwards, and in 1954 Juan Manuel Fangio won the Formula 1 World Championship driving a Maserati. Maserati watches emerged somewhat later, when the company was sold and bought several times. Today it belongs to the Fiat group, and Maserati watches have been manufactured under licence for the last decade by the Italian watchmaking group Morellato, which has extensive experience in the watchmaking world. Buying Maserati watches means acquiring an item of careful […]

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Dress up your wrist with a maserati watch

Maserati watches are characterised by their successful combination of elegance and sportiness, something typical of the Italian brand. These watches are made with care, in an artisan way, with the best of tradition integrated with the most modern designs and technology. Maserati watches are for people who are looking for excellence in a watch. Because of this, and because the brand offers such a variety of interesting watches, sometimes it is not easy to choose. Even so, you always end up finding the perfect Maserati watch model. At Laguarda Joiers, an online Barcelona watchmaker with a physical shop on the mythical Ramblas, they have extensive experience in advising on Maserati watches, as well as the most recent models. Let’s see […]

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If you are looking for tablet stands, ipad stands or laptop stands you should carefully consider which one to choose according to your needs and wishes.  If you want to put your tablet on the table, then you are more interested in tablet stands… On the other hand, if you want to put your ipad tablet in the car, you should choose ipad car mounts. Discover all the supports at Microfusa.  Tablets, Ipad and laptops Many people still associate the concept of tablet with the concept of a portable device that focuses on consuming multimedia content through streaming platforms such as Netflix or YouTube. However, these devices have developed so fast that users can abandon their laptops and desktops whenever […]

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Certina: High-quality Swiss watches

A Certina watch is always synonymous with quality, so buying a Certina watch is a good investment. The history of these Swiss Certina watches dates back to the Swiss town of Grenchen in 1888. There, the brothers Alfred and Adolf Kurth opened several watchmaking workshops, creating the “Grana” brand. It was not until 1930 that the brand was called Certina, a name derived from the word “certus”, meaning “safe”. Another advantage of this name was that it was easily pronounced in all languages: thus the first Cetina watch was born. It was registered under that name in 1939 and was chosen as the sole brand name in 1949. In 1959 the automatic Certina DS Concept appeared, with new standards of […]

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Watches are accessories that will never go out of fashion. Watches are one of the best options for gift-giving on those occasions when gifts are in order. It is a special and distinguished object, ideal as a gift! To be successful with this type of gift, taking into account the enormous variety of watch models on the market today, you should always think about the person who will receive it: their style, their personality, their taste… At Laguarda Joiers, a watch shop in Barcelona, you can find a wide range of luxury watches: certina watches, maurice lacroix watches and much more!  Buying maurice lacroix watches online at Laguarda Joiers is one of the best options to save money and time. […]

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How to buy luxury watches online?

The unstoppable growth of e-commerce has favoured the purchase of watches online, also luxury watches. Buy watches Tissot, Luminox, Oris, Junghans, Seiko, and other top brands, is a comfortable and safe option. There is not always the possibility or time to go to a physical watch shop, which is why some establishments in the sector also have an online shop. This method of purchase has long been totally reliable, especially in establishments such as Laguarda Joiers, an online watch shop in Barcelona and official distributor of major brands. To buy Tissot watches or any other of the top brands, if you decide to do so online, there are a few things to bear in mind. Buy Tissot watches without leaving […]

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envases retornables

Spain is the second European country that throws the most plastic into the Mediterranean, with 126 tonnes a day, second only to the rubbish dumped by Turkey. This is one of the key findings of the report “A Plastic Trap” by the environmental organisation WWF. Plastics make up 95% of the waste in the open sea, on the seabed and on beaches around the Mediterranean. The countries that dump the most plastic waste into the sea are: firstly Turkey with 144 tonnes per day, secondly Spain with 126 tonnes, Italy with 90 tonnes, Egypt with 77 tonnes and France with 66 tonnes per day. In the case of Spain, a total of 4.6 million tonnes of plastic were used in […]

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How blue light glasses work

The influence of technology on our daily lives is a reality. We spend approximately 30% of our time in front of computer, laptop, mobile phone or TV screens, hence the usefulness of blue light glasses. But what exactly do these so-called computer glasses protect us from? The LED backlighting of LCD screens emits a large amount of blue light, which is so called because of its cool hue. This is where the blue light glasses come into play. This light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that our eyes perceive, and is emitted not only by the sun but also by artificial sources such as electronic devices. Nordik Project, which develops and manufactures optical quality glasses that can be bought […]

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The great history of Seiko watches

The history of Seiko watches dates back to 1881. Kintaro Hattori, a young entrepreneur in his early twenties, opened a watch sales and repair shop in central Tokyo. More than 130 years have passed since then, and Kintaro Hattori’s company is still dedicated to the perfection and innovation that its founder wanted to implement since the company’s founding. We are going to take a journey through the history of Seiko watches, an emblematic watch brand recognised worldwide, of which Laguarda jewellers in Barcelona are official distributors. The first steps of Seiko watches When the company was founded in 1892, its first name was Seikosha (in Japanese, “Seiko” means “exquisite”, “minute” or “success” and “sha” means house). Kintaro Hattori bought a […]

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