Autumn is here and with it the ban on biker and engineer boots opens. It all started in the 80s, and Burce Springteen had a lot to do with it, because she was the one who popularized biker boots at her concerts. The biker boots are characterized by their square toe design and the leather harness with grommets on the sides.

When it comes to engineer boots, they are perfect for reinforcing the biker style. They are boots with a simple design, with a round toe, smooth leather, without drawings or stitches and with the color black as a progonist. The bikers incorporate a buckle on the upper part that adjusts the width of the shaft and another on the instep to fit the boot to the foot.

Both models of boots, the biker and the engineer, are highly appreciated by rockers. In typical rocker clothing, leather jackets with metal rivets, patches and badges, aviator glasses, jeans or leather pants and a very characteristic type of high boot predominate. At Corbeto’s Boots they explain everything there is to know about these two styles of mythical boots, and not just for bikers.

Getting to know biker boots

Biker boots and ankle boots are a very elegant type of footwear at the same time that it is practical and offers a wide variety of designs. Some of its designs are classic or sober, completely smooth, ideal to complement more urban looks on a daily basis or to go to the office. Other models of biker boots are adorned with colorful braiding, embroidery and western-style leather combinations. There is also no lack of biker models that include a functional pocket, something that is very practical for bikers.

All the biker boots available at Corbeto’s are made of genuine leather of different varieties: black leathers with a semi-gloss patina, oiled brown leathers, hand-aged leathers and snakeskin.

Engineer boots: the most biker option

The engineer you will find at Corbeto’s are made with high quality leather and Goodyear stitching, which provides greater resistance. There are models with low and low cane, such as those of the Carolina Boots brand. Most models have a special non-slip rubber and nitrile sole to provide better grip on the ground and wet asphalt. And despite not being waterproof, they can be used without problems on rainy days with regular application of horse fat, perfect for keeping them looking good.

Some models of boots incorporate reinforced steel toecap for greater safety, or with reinforcements in the gear change area of the motorcycle to prevent wear. They also have special insoles that in addition to increasing your comfort and preventing the appearance of fungus and mold. Other models have a zip and wide leg for people with wide feet or calves, or who use orthopedic insoles.

Both biker and engineer boots offer many unisex styles. And as we said, they are not only perfect to go on a motorcycle, but to wear them in the city, or wherever you want. The models and collections are really varied, and it is very rare not to find a model that fits like a glove with the person who is looking for it.

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