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botas moteros

Today we talk about biker boots. Being a biker does not only mean getting on a motorcycle and driving it, being a biker goes much further, it is a feeling, a lifestyle. A lifestyle that not many understand, and that is that being a real biker is carried inside or not carried.

Starting from that base, we know how important it is for tough guys like you who not only know that you are a true biker when you get on your motorcycle, but can also know when they look at you or look at you. The clothes we choose does not dictate how we are but it does define us; to us, our tastes and our lifestyles. That is why we know that both the clothes, the accessories and the shoes you choose, have to be up to par and represent everything you believe in.

To be a good biker, you need biker clothes

A good biker needs authentic biker clothes. This is not only important to represent your lifestyle, but to take care of yourself in health. It is very important that bikers wear technical and special clothing for this type of activity since, when reaching high speeds, it is encouraging to know that they wear a comfortable, resistant and, above all, safe attire.

Today there are several materials that are good for biker clothes, but we like skin the most. The jackets and boots made of leather and tanned skins behave well against abrasions as well as being a material that endures very well over time.

Biker boots, our best allies

One of the most important things for a biker is his boots. Wearing appropriate shoes when using the motorcycle is very important and it is of no use that boots have a lot of style, if their quality is below the essential. In Corbeto’s Boots, biker boots specialists, they care about your safety while designing stylish boots that adapt to you and represent your philosophy of life.

All his boots are made of leather and many of them have a steel tip incorporated. There are from high boots to booties, in different colors and styles. We trust the best brands in the market, such as: Sendra, Mayura and Carolina.

These biker boots will allow you to enjoy the road with the peace of mind of knowing that you are wearing boots, which in addition to having a unique style, are comfortable, safe and resistant.

Next, we have made a selection of our favorite biker boots with everything you need to know about their composition and usefulness.

Sendra unisex engineer boot with steel tip and side reinforcement and tip

This Sendra engineer boot is made with brown greased cowhide. It has a steel tip and has a lateral reinforcement and at the tip. It has Sendra Motorboots embroidery on the cane. It is made with a rubber and nitrile sole that is highly resistant to wear and oil, and is also non-slip and has a Goodyear sewn.

Boot engineer Mayura unisex greased leather black

This Mayura boot is made with black oiled cowhide. It is made with a rubber and nitrile sole that is highly resistant to wear and oil, and is also non-slip and has a Goodyear sewn.

Sendra unisex low boots with brown leather boot

Unisex low boot engineer boot made in brown greased cowhide. Manufactured with a rubber and nitrile sole that is highly resistant to wear and oil, and is also non-slip. Stitched Goodyear.

Discover all our biker boots in Corbeto’s Boots and choose the ones that best suit you. Biker boots and engineer boots of the best brands such as Carolina, Mayura and Sendra.

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