One of the most recognized brands of western and Mexican charra fashion are Ranger’s shirts. Their acceptance knows no borders, and they are already exported to more than 30 countries. Ranger’s shirts are denim clothing whose raw material is an example of economic, social and environmental sustainability in the state of Jalisco and throughout Mexico.

Ranger’s shirts are manufactured in their entirety under strict quality controls, with advanced technology in cutting the fabrics to achieve a perfect fit. In fact, a single pattern is used to make these denim shirts for each size.

Where to buy Ranger’s shirts

At Corbeto’s Boots, the shop specialising in western fashion and accessories located on the legendary Ramblas in Barcelona, you can find the largest variety of Ranger’s jeans shirts for men and women. They are available both in their physical shop and in the online shop. All these garments are made up of a layer of fine fabric that facilitates perspiration and prevents sweat from impregnating the shirt. Because comfort in this type of garment is very important, and the Mexican creators knew it perfectly.

These Ranger’s shirts incorporate pearly buttons with hooks and very aesthetic practical pockets. The Ranger’s cut is very stylish, so the shirt fits perfectly to any body constitution. People of very advanced height are particularly favoured, as they often have difficulty in finding clothes that suit them.

The colours of these shirts are usually black, white, red, brown and navy blue. There are some classic designs, others however are more extravagant, much sought after by rockabillies to complement with shirt tips, bows and bolo ties.
Some of these shirts incorporate tribal embroidery, baroque embroideries and designs with horses, horseshoes, cowboy hats or eagles. The stitches used to make these garments are of the highest quality, and they can be worn for many hours without losing any of their elegance. They are usually worn by people who like cowboy or country fashion in general. The most common occasions are line dance festivals, horseback riding, celebrations, or simply going to the office.

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