How blue light glasses work

The influence of technology on our daily lives is a reality. We spend approximately 30% of our time in front of computer, laptop, mobile phone or TV screens, hence the usefulness of blue light glasses. But what exactly do these so-called computer glasses protect us from? The LED backlighting of LCD screens emits a large amount of blue light, which is so called because of its cool hue. This is where the blue light glasses come into play. This light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that our eyes perceive, and is emitted not only by the sun but also by artificial sources such as electronic devices. Nordik Project, which develops and manufactures optical quality glasses that can be bought […]

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gafas plegables

Foldable presbyopia glasses or popularly known as reading glasses or near glasses are the most common solution to presbyopia or eyestrain.  Presbyopia usually appears from the age of 40 or 45 and is characterized by impaired near vision. With age, this problem increases and its correction becomes essential.  Foldable glasses are one of the most recommended options to solve presbyopia or eyestrain. In addition, folding presbyopia glasses can also be useful for any other activity that requires good near vision, such as sewing, using the phone, etc. At Nordic Projekt they have redesigned reading glasses, giving them a more modern, fresh and habitual touch. Nordic Vision reading glasses help tired eyes, see better up close and avoid headaches. How to […]

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gafas de lectura farmacia

Our habits and our current way of life has made the need to wear glasses for the most common activities: reading, watching television, working on the computer, etc. It is common that, without realizing it, we suddenly begin to see blurry or we begin to suffer from a headache. We probably have presbyopia. An inexpensive solution while we go to the ophthalmologist are pharmacy glasses. Pharmacy glasses are a very practical option while we decide to go to the ophthalmologist, they indicate our pathology and prescribe prescription glasses. They are also a very inexpensive alternative to having spare glasses for specific occasions. But the question is, how do you choose the right pharmacy glasses? Pharmacy glasses, choose the right ones […]

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