Dress up your wrist with a maserati watch

Maserati watches are characterised by their successful combination of elegance and sportiness, something typical of the Italian brand. These watches are made with care, in an artisan way, with the best of tradition integrated with the most modern designs and technology. Maserati watches are for people who are looking for excellence in a watch. Because of this, and because the brand offers such a variety of interesting watches, sometimes it is not easy to choose. Even so, you always end up finding the perfect Maserati watch model. At Laguarda Joiers, an online Barcelona watchmaker with a physical shop on the mythical Ramblas, they have extensive experience in advising on Maserati watches, as well as the most recent models. Let’s see […]

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Sale 2021: watches at heart rate

One of the most eagerly awaited events at the beginning of the year is the sales, also for buying watches, as you know from the watch shop in Barcelona Laguarda. There is no doubt that it represents an opportunity to get hold of one of the most used and practical jewels, the watch. Many people wait for the sales to renew their watch or to give it away.  The current situation of pandemic need not be a problem, as establishments such as Laguarda, a watch shop in Barcelona, also have an online shop selling cheap watches of the best brands. Actually, cheap and of all prices, since as we have said, a watch is an essential basic, and not all […]

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Give jewelry this Christmas

Christmas Jewel

Christmas is the time of the year par excellence to make gifts, and the jewels continue to occupy a position of honor among the most appreciated presents. There are jewels of many types and for all budgets, but if they have something in common, it is that most are loaded with meaning. Not surprisingly jewels such as rings, alliances or watches, are directly linked to the commitment between two people. Even so, jewelry can be given away for other reasons, because when someone is important to us, every occasion is good to prove it. Perhaps for this reason, to which we must add a number of advantages, buying jewelry online is on the rise. And if the purchase is made […]

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