In the world of electronics there are different softwares, one of them is rekordbox. This software patented by the prestigious brand Pionner was designed to organize the music tracks of DJs. A classifier where to save all the mixes in the cloud, to have them available where and when they are needed. Its innovations offer multiple creative possibilities. Thousands of opportunities to continue producing your music from anywhere on the planet. Rekordbox is compatible with mixers, controllers, players, and interfaces. It is fully combined with all Pionner dj products and programs like the ones you can find in the Microfusa store. The DDJ-400 Pionner controller, one of the best controller for beginners. With a simple connection from an iPhone or […]

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cursos de sonido online

The sound courses provide the knowledge to become an expert in sound editing and mixing, recording space conditioning and musical effects. Microfusa Escuela, sound school, offers several online sound courses. The sound technician course is for all those who wish to enter the field of sound technology.  In these sound courses, the concepts, tools and skills that sound professionals need to master in their work are analysed and investigated in depth.  The key concepts that will be covered in the online sound course are: the nature of sound and its electronic form (audio), various tools (microphone, mixer, DAW, processor, loudspeaker, etc.) and the processes used to capture and manipulate sound.  Related functions such as recording, mixing, equalisation and compression, mastering, […]

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producción musical

The music production courses provide the tools for the creation of musical events with a knowledge base in sound and audio formation, legal advice, promotion and material dissemination. Music production is the process by which a sound product is generated through the creative conceptualization of the work, its musical composition and its fixation through recording, mixing and mastering systems. Find the course you are most interested in for producing Electronic Music and/or other possibilities within music production at Microfusa Escuela, your music production school. Advantages of music production Music Business training offers a number of advantages when looking for and finding work.  The advantages are: Diversity of work spaces, from independent artists to large production companies. Improve our music in […]

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A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates electrical signals that are converted into sound through speakers or headphones. Synthesizers are so called because they can imitate, or synthesize, a wide variety of sounds, such as the sound of another instrument, a voice, a helicopter, a car or a barking dog. Modular synthesizers can also produce sounds that do not occur in the natural world. The ability to generate tones that cannot otherwise be created is what makes the synthesizer a unique musical tool. At MicroFusa, a store specializing in music technology products, they offer a wide variety of synthesizers, module synthesizers, software synthesizers, keyboard synthesizers, and much more!  How synthesizers work In synthesizers, the task of generating the […]

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The AMAS, short for American Music Awards, is the prelude to the Grammy Awards. This year it was held without an audience in Los Angeles (USA), with the participation of Maluma and Jennifer López. Maluma, Jennifer López and Becky G were the stars of a night in which the main winner was Bunny, winner of two awards. Taylor Swift once again swept the board in the general categories. In the performance section, Maluma and Jennifer Lopez gave one of the most talked about performances by singing their last two singles: “Pa Ti” and “Lonely”. Maluma gives it all with JLo At the AMAS, the good chemistry between the two stars was once again evident in front of the cameras, something […]

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