These sales get your dream watch

Barcelona watchmaking

They say that January is the most difficult month to cope with the year, and that it is compensated with the incentive of sales. And they have logic because the sales provide the opportunity to acquire more easily than ever things that we need or are excited about. As for example, a watch, which for many people is his favorite jewel, and not only for how useful it is. That is why finding a watchmaker in Barcelona that is an official distributor of major brands, discounts and offers payment facilities, is the goal of many people. A good example of watchmaking in Barcelona that meets those requirements in Laguarda Joyeros, which also has an online store and a fast and […]

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tienda de souvenirs

When tourists visit our cities they seem to have a kind of special obsession to get into a souvenirs shop and catch the largest and most tacky Mexican hat possible. As if it were a kind of tradition when visiting the city. Come on, as if the most typical thing about visiting Barcelona, for example, was walking through Las Ramblas with a Mexican hat. And the inevitable thing is that every souvenirs shop in Las Ramblas exploits the concept by filling their premises with colorful Mexican hats. What can we do! Take a “typical” souvenir from the souvenirs shop The problem is that the souvenirs shop has ended up becoming a place that sells what the tourist expects to find […]

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souvenir barcelona

When we do tourism and visit a city like Barcelona, we always want to take some souvenir of our stay. But the problem with visiting a souvenir shop is that when we have seen a few, we immediately have the feeling that you see all of them. And if we are looking for a genuine original Barcelona souvenir, the thing can get really complicated. Therefore, in today’s article we are going to talk about a store and a brand that offer us the unique opportunity to find the truly special souvenir of Barcelona, something that we will not find anywhere. This is the BadFriends store and its main brand, BadToro. BadFriends, the best souvenir shop We have already told you […]

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tienda de souvenirs online

Although it may seem strange to us at first sight, an increasingly popular option to buy the memories of our trips is the online souvenir store. As I say, the first feeling it gives is a bit of disbelief. It doesn’t make much sense, perhaps, to buy online the memories of your trip. The most common is to buy them on site, as we accumulate experiences. But the truth is that the online souvenir shop allows us much more than buying the typical tacky souvenir of our tourist visit. As an example, we will take a short tour of stores that are dedicated to the sale of online souvenirs focusing on Barcelona products. And you will see that we have […]

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