relojes Seiko

The market for counterfeit and replica watches is multi-billion dollar. Brands such as Rolex, Seiko Omega, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Tag Heuer are the most affected by the black market of replica watches. At Laguarda Joiers, online watch shop in Barcelona, you can buy original Seiko watches without any worries. Buy now your Seiko watch online at Laguarda Joiers.  How to distinguish a genuine Seiko watch from a fake Seiko watch To distinguish an original Seiko watch from an imitation one is very simple, as long as you take into account the following characteristics: Typography The name printed on the bracelet is one of the distinguishing elements, since its typography is unique and most imitations cannot accurately reproduce the […]

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Maserati watches have a dynamic, sporty, racing and speed-loving spirit. The brand has become a global icon, and these watches are particularly appreciated by fans of the sportiest and most resolute lines. Maserati watches are equipped with high-precision mechanisms, automatic movements and bold styling elements that do not go unnoticed. In Laguarda Joyeros, a Barcelona watchmaker and distributor of important brands with an online shop, and a good option to buy Maserati watches, they explain the characteristics of these creations. Maserati watches: a way of life Maserati represents a lifestyle based on a taste for challenges, unique luxuries, and an unmistakable style that is revealed in the details, precisely as in its Lifestyle collection watches. This range, rich in detail […]

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Dress up your wrist with a maserati watch

Maserati watches are characterised by their successful combination of elegance and sportiness, something typical of the Italian brand. These watches are made with care, in an artisan way, with the best of tradition integrated with the most modern designs and technology. Maserati watches are for people who are looking for excellence in a watch. Because of this, and because the brand offers such a variety of interesting watches, sometimes it is not easy to choose. Even so, you always end up finding the perfect Maserati watch model. At Laguarda Joiers, an online Barcelona watchmaker with a physical shop on the mythical Ramblas, they have extensive experience in advising on Maserati watches, as well as the most recent models. Let’s see […]

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Seiko watches: High-tech watches

The first of Seiko’s diving watches was created in 1965, and since then the company has continued to push the boundaries. Today, with Seiko Prospex, the Japanese brand is introducing two modern reinterpretations of the iconic watches from 1965 and 1970 with special fabric straps specifically for diving. Both Seiko watch models combine design and functions in a balanced way, sharing the specifications introduced last year in celebration of the 55th anniversary of Seiko’s first diving watch. The dials of both reinterpretations harmonise perfectly with the tones of their fabric straps. Diver’s watches from 1970 Seiko watches of that era had a water resistance of 150 metres, making them ideal for those who needed a watch with high resistance and […]

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relojes seiko

Seiko is one of the most recognized watch companies by watch collectors. This firm has become an icon in the watchmaking sector, thanks to models such as the Seiko h851, the seiko green proposer, the seiko diver 2019, the seiko sgg707, the seiko srpd65k1, among many others. A large part of Seiko’s customers are men who are in search of style and elegance. Seiko watches are characterized by their prestige and the resistance they offer to certain difficulties that may arise in everyday life.  In Laguarda Joiers, online jewelry store in Barcelona, you can buy Seiko watches without any worries. They offer a wide range of the most luxurious and impressive products that you can find in the market: Grand […]

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Watches are accessories that will never go out of fashion. Watches are one of the best options for gift-giving on those occasions when gifts are in order. It is a special and distinguished object, ideal as a gift! To be successful with this type of gift, taking into account the enormous variety of watch models on the market today, you should always think about the person who will receive it: their style, their personality, their taste… At Laguarda Joiers, a watch shop in Barcelona, you can find a wide range of luxury watches: certina watches, maurice lacroix watches and much more!  Buying maurice lacroix watches online at Laguarda Joiers is one of the best options to save money and time. […]

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Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix is a watchmaking company that was founded in 1889 in the Jura region of Switzerland. In its early years, Maurice Lacroix only designed and manufactured models for other companies in the industry. In 1975, the international company Desco von Schulthess launched its first watch models under the new watch brand Maurice Lacroix. The brand was named after one of the deceased members of the management team. Maurice Lacroix aims to preserve the long tradition of the art of watchmaking. Maurice are creating and developing its own complications and movements driven by a passion for detail and perfection. At Laguarda Joiers, Barcelona’s online jewellers, you can buy Luminox watches and Maurice Lacroix watches online. They offer a wide range […]

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Sale 2021: watches at heart rate

One of the most eagerly awaited events at the beginning of the year is the sales, also for buying watches, as you know from the watch shop in Barcelona Laguarda. There is no doubt that it represents an opportunity to get hold of one of the most used and practical jewels, the watch. Many people wait for the sales to renew their watch or to give it away.  The current situation of pandemic need not be a problem, as establishments such as Laguarda, a watch shop in Barcelona, also have an online shop selling cheap watches of the best brands. Actually, cheap and of all prices, since as we have said, a watch is an essential basic, and not all […]

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“Giving a watch as a present at Christmas is a safe bet, it’s an eternal classic”, we are told at Laguarda Joiers. There is always someone in our immediate circle for whom a watch is the perfect gift. There are all kinds of watches for all pockets: sporty, elegant, intelligent, basic and even economical. Laguarda Joiers is a jewelry store in Barcelona that is the official distributor of the best brands of watches and has an online store with distribution to all destinations. In this article they tell us about those considered the top 5 in Top watches of 2020, without a doubt a gift alternative to get it right. The proposals of experts such as Laguarda Joiers Buying Seiko […]

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These sales get your dream watch

Barcelona watchmaking

They say that January is the most difficult month to cope with the year, and that it is compensated with the incentive of sales. And they have logic because the sales provide the opportunity to acquire more easily than ever things that we need or are excited about. As for example, a watch, which for many people is his favorite jewel, and not only for how useful it is. That is why finding a watchmaker in Barcelona that is an official distributor of major brands, discounts and offers payment facilities, is the goal of many people. A good example of watchmaking in Barcelona that meets those requirements in Laguarda Joyeros, which also has an online store and a fast and […]

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