How to buy luxury watches online?

The unstoppable growth of e-commerce has favoured the purchase of watches online, also luxury watches. Buy watches Tissot, Luminox, Oris, Junghans, Seiko, and other top brands, is a comfortable and safe option.

There is not always the possibility or time to go to a physical watch shop, which is why some establishments in the sector also have an online shop. This method of purchase has long been totally reliable, especially in establishments such as Laguarda Joiers, an online watch shop in Barcelona and official distributor of major brands.

To buy Tissot watches or any other of the top brands, if you decide to do so online, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Buy Tissot watches without leaving home

The first step is to choose a watchmaker whose online shop offers as much specific information about each watch as possible, both images and technical details. Photo galleries are very important to get a good idea of what the product looks like and to be able to choose between different models. The latter is also important, knowing how to choose, as it is normal that sometimes doubts arise. And it has nothing to do with the brand, this can happen when buying Oris watches, buy watches online Seiko, or any other manufacturer.

This particular problem has a solution, because in addition to being able to consult with the online watchmaker about any particular issue that you are interested in finding out about, there is the option of returning the product if you don’t like it when you receive it. The user always has a maximum period to return the watch, which can only be done if it is unused and in its original packaging.

The purchase and return process

First of all, you have to register as a customer at the online watch shop, a simple and easy process, the steps of which are indicated. However, you always have the option of contacting the watch shop by telephone if you have any questions or queries.

Once you have created your account, you can start the purchase process. During this process, you should pay close attention to the product details of the product you are interested in. There are three main sections to pay attention to:

  • The product description with the technical specifications of the watch.
  • The product description with the technical specifications of the watch. The product sheet explaining the shipping and payment conditions of the watch.
  • The main conditions related to the return of the watch, as they may vary depending on the retailer.

Once these details are clear, the watch can be added to the basket, choosing the shipping and payment method. In establishments such as Laguarda, all watches are original and come with a two-year guarantee, also offering the customer a fast and professional delivery service.

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