Sonology is defined as a new approach within the study of music. This specialty teaches how technology is applied to sound creation. The study of sound from different disciplines. Where acoustic instruments go to the beat of electronic elements.
A higher degree in sonology equips the student with knowledge about music production, audio recording and post production.

At the same time, it provides skills to conduct and build melodic pieces such as audiovisuals in which technology acquires great representation and relevance. A vision from the beginning of a composition to its commercialization.

Two schools, one beat

On this occasion, two of the main music schools in our country collaborate in unison to offer the best training in sonology. The innovative school in musical trend Microfusa with more than 30 years of experience in the sector and a long history in the training of dj together with the School of Music Jam Session, the first higher school in the study of urban and rock music, launch the higher title of music in sonology in the field of new trends, rock and urban music. The academic program is divided into four years of duration. A total of 240 ECTS credits. 60 annual credits.

His diploma is certified by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which for practical purposes is equivalent to a University Degree approved by the Government of Spain.

This special conjunction between the two educational centers accredits a highly prestigious training. A complete learning, both technical and artistic. The program has magnificent teachers with extensive knowledge of the subject and proven experience in each of their areas of action. In addition to the enjoyment of modern equipment of the best quality.


The academic requirements that give access are the possession of a baccalaureate degree, a BUP + COU degree or any other university degree. If this training is not available, it is possible to take a baccalaureate test for people over 19 years of age or access test for people over 25 years of age for university studies. In the case of foreign students, they must validate an equivalent qualification through the Ministry of Education.

Applicants who do not accredit official studies in music must pass an entrance exam structured in two differentiated parts. A first part on interpretation and musical auditory perception, a second focused on sonology that assesses the treatment and manipulation of the sound component.


Lasting four years, each period focuses on a specific part of the study of sonology. The foundations of sound, electricity and electronics make up the beginning. In the second year, the cultural agent and its historical evolution are known along with the process of production or mastering of projects. All this subject will have its consolidation through the third year where the student is already acquiring maturity in his knowledge. The last year is dedicated to the most advanced competencies in both theoretical and practical sonology.

Payment Methods

The course that can be done full or part time from the third year of its completion has facilities in the forms of payment. On the one hand, it is contemplated in full payment of the academic year, likewise, payment in installments in comfortable installments is facilitated.

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