Biker boots can be worn all year round, especially if you are traveling by motorcycle. But when the autumn and winter season arrives, their demand grows, because they are also a resistant footwear that can be used every day, whether you go on a motorcycle or not. Biker boots are indicated for men and women, and those who know a lot about these emblematic accessories are Corbeto’s Boots, the boots and accessories store for western culture on the Ramblas of Barcelona.

In Corbeto’s they explain the peculiarities of the biker boots that can be found both in their physical store and in their online store, and that they are the perfect prototype for those who like this style.

One of the main characteristics of motorcycle boots is that they adapt perfectly to both custom bikers and anyone looking for off-road footwear for their days. These so-called biker boots can be high or low, and all the models offered at Corbeto’s are made with genuine leather and Goodyear stitching. The advantage of this type of stitching is the superior comfort it provides, since the cavity between the seam between the sole and the sole is filled with flexible natural cork. This means that as Goodyear stitched biker boots are worn, the footprint is etched into the cork, becoming more and more comfortable.

Biker boots, no secrets

Most of the models of these boots, at least those that can be found in Corbeto’s, incorporate special rubber and nitrile soles to allow extra resistance to wear and tear and an important grip on the ground and wet asphalt. Although these men’s or women’s boots are not waterproof, the same effect can be achieved by applying horse grease to them as maintenance, which will make them suitable for use on rainy days.

There are also other very characteristic details of these boots, such as the reinforcements applied in the gear change area that prevent their friction from wearing the boot. Or in the case of the Carolina biker or engineer boot model, available at Corbeto’s, its Poron® Permafresh® insole prevents the appearance of fungi and bacteria. Of course, all this without detracting from its incredible comfort.

Mayura biker boots, another of Corbeto’s brands, offers models with a zip and wide bridle to make it easier to put the boot on, something especially useful for those who have wide cufflinks or use special insoles.

The best brands of biker boots

The Spanish brands Sendra and Mayura Boots are well known for the quality of their boots, guaranteeing a long life and a refined design. In addition, they have an urban touch that allows you to wear them every day, also to go to the office, especially the Sendra. Mayura biker boots are characterized by their price, more affordable than other brands, and their good finishes.

Another of the brands to highlight, in this North American case, is Carolina Boots, whose biker boots have thousands of loyal followers around the world. It is a very special boot model, with a unique and unmistakable line as well as exceptional resistance. Corbeto’s Boots has been your official Carolina Boots point of sale in Spain for more than twenty years.

Style, resistance, comfort and durability are the main characteristics of quality motorcycle boots, a faithful companion on your trips on wheels … or on the asphalt in the city.

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