gafas plegables

Foldable presbyopia glasses or popularly known as reading glasses or near glasses are the most common solution to presbyopia or eyestrain. 

Presbyopia usually appears from the age of 40 or 45 and is characterized by impaired near vision. With age, this problem increases and its correction becomes essential. 

Foldable glasses are one of the most recommended options to solve presbyopia or eyestrain. In addition, folding presbyopia glasses can also be useful for any other activity that requires good near vision, such as sewing, using the phone, etc.

At Nordic Projekt they have redesigned reading glasses, giving them a more modern, fresh and habitual touch. Nordic Vision reading glasses help tired eyes, see better up close and avoid headaches.

How to choose folding presbyopia glasses

The folding glasses offered by Nordic Projekt are lightweight with computer screen light protection and presbyopia prescription. 

The lenses and frames of Folding follow an exhaustive professional pharmaceutical quality control. Discover them at Nordic Vision.

Although all folding glasses fulfill the function of getting the patient to see correctly up close, each patient will have particular characteristics that will determine which glasses are the most suitable for them. 

Recommendations to consider when choosing folding presbyopia glasses

When choosing folding glasses it is of vital importance to have well graduated folding presbyopia glasses, so it is necessary to see a specialist to calculate the exact number of dioptres and interpupillary distance. 

Another important factor to take into account is that the folding glasses have an anti-reflective treatment, since it greatly improves the optical quality of the glasses and almost completely avoids the annoying reflections produced by artificial lights.

An additional very interesting feature is the anti-static treatment. In this case, the glasses are specially treated to eliminate (or at least mitigate as much as possible) the kind of reflections produced by computers, mobiles and tablets.

In addition to the function of correcting sight, the folding glasses must be comfortable and aesthetic.


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