The make up glasses are a very good solution if you have presbyopia or tired eyes and you usually wear make up. You may have already heard of them, they are also called pharmacy make up glasses. In any case, most women who wear make-up, when they have presbyopia, are faced with a challenge to overcome, especially to put on good eye make-up. However, this problem disappears with make up glasses, which allow you to apply make up or pluck your eyebrows perfectly, without having to remove your glasses.

 Nordik Project, a company that designs and creates glasses that have revolutionized the reading glasses market, explains the characteristics and functions of make up glasses. For a very affordable price, makeup glasses solve a very common problem, that of being able to put on perfect makeup when you have tired eyes.

The make up glasses: make up with presbyopia

Incredible as it may seem, it’s true: with Nordicvision Make Up Glasses by Nordik Projekt, you will once again enjoy putting on make-up even if you have presbyopia. Delineate the line of your eyes more concerns, apply shadows, false lashes … The most precise gestures to make up well, can be carried out with these glasses that premium for its usefulness, design and quality.

Its main characteristics are:

  • High quality flip-up lens, which can be moved to the right or left so that both eyes can be made up.
  • Design inspired by the film Peppermint Frappé by Geraldine Chaplin and Carlos Saura, which gives them class to feel confident about the same makeup.
  • High quality and design packaging and case, a perfect accessory to carry in your bag and touch up your makeup anytime, anywhere.

Glasses Instructions for Nordicvision Make Up Glasses

Its technique, as simple as it is ingenious, is based on a movable lens that allows it to be placed in one of the eyes while the other is free for make-up or waxing. In this way, you can see with complete quality what you are doing without running risks, because with make-up you have to step on it safely.

This pharmacy makeup glasses design is minimalist. Its fully transparent lower frame in combination with the mobile lens, also fully transparent, and straight stylized and very light temples. All you have to do is put them on, and then make up with advantages: now it will seem easier than ever.

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