gafas de lectura farmacia

Our habits and our current way of life has made the need to wear glasses for the most common activities: reading, watching television, working on the computer, etc. It is common that, without realizing it, we suddenly begin to see blurry or we begin to suffer from a headache. We probably have presbyopia. An inexpensive solution while we go to the ophthalmologist are pharmacy glasses.

Pharmacy glasses are a very practical option while we decide to go to the ophthalmologist, they indicate our pathology and prescribe prescription glasses. They are also a very inexpensive alternative to having spare glasses for specific occasions.

But the question is, how do you choose the right pharmacy glasses?

gafas de farmacia

Pharmacy glasses, choose the right ones

When entering any pharmacy it is common to find an exhibitor with a wide variety of glasses models at much cheaper prices than they would cost us in an optician. They are usually divided by their graduation, by models, by colors. But how do we find the ones we need? Obviously it is not a matter of choosing only the ones that we like the most.

The best way to determine the prescription you need is by taking an annual eye exam. This way we will know the graduation (a number like +1.00 or +2.50) that we need. But if we have not yet been to the ophthalmologist, we can carry out a simple test by choosing our pharmacy reading glasses. We take a greeting card or brochure from the same pharmacy. We hold it with our arms at a comfortable reading distance. And we try on various glasses with different graduations until we find the one that gives us the best visibility.

If we find ourselves undecided between two pairs because both seem adequate to us despite having different graduations, it is advisable to always choose the ones with the lowest graduation. And it is that optomestrists indicate that choosing reading glasses that are too powerful usually causes more problems of discomfort.

It is also important to take into account the activity for which you are going to use your glasses. For example, working with the computer, for example, involves a greater distance than reading a book, so it will require a lower graduation.

gafas farmacia

Other considerations when choosing your pharmacy reading glasses

As we mentioned before, pharmacy glasses are usually exhibited in the same establishment within the free reach of the public. Anyone has access to them to be able to try them on. Thus, what is an advantage can also harm its quality. Therefore it is important to assess certain considerations:

  • Think that more people have touched them. So it is important that you verify that they have not suffered scratches or any other type of damage that may affect their durability or the clarity with which you expect to see.
  • It is also important to check that they have a compliance label with European regulations, which requires rigorous quality standards.
  • Of course, don’t hesitate to try on various glasses. Not only for finding the ones that have the correct graduation for your needs. It is also important that you find the ones that are really comfortable for you.
  • It is also important that you observe how the objects look not only from the center of the glass, but also from the sides. Why? Because if you see different in these two parts of the glasses it means that they do not have a uniform graduation and therefore they are not of the quality that you were looking for so much.
  • Choose quality brands. NordicProjekt is one of the most prestigious pharmacy glasses brands.
gafas de farmacia

We hope these tips will be useful when choosing your pharmacy reading glasses.

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