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When we do tourism and visit a city like Barcelona, we always want to take some souvenir of our stay. But the problem with visiting a souvenir shop is that when we have seen a few, we immediately have the feeling that you see all of them. And if we are looking for a genuine original Barcelona souvenir, the thing can get really complicated. Therefore, in today’s article we are going to talk about a store and a brand that offer us the unique opportunity to find the truly special souvenir of Barcelona, something that we will not find anywhere. This is the BadFriends store and its main brand, BadToro.

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BadFriends, the best souvenir shop

We have already told you about BadFriends, our favorite store for original gifts, souvenirs and unique souvenirs. It offers a whole series of products, from stuffed animals to sweatshirts, from shot glasses to t-shirts, from key rings to Harley Davidsons, from caps to backpacks, from openers to mugs and mugs …, all designed around the collection of BadFriends friends. BadToro, the first of them, a rebel bull who loves extreme sports; BadElk, an elk that represents the Nordic spirit and good humor; BadBulldog, British class and style; and BadXolo, the anti-system worker. Together they make up a collection of unique and unrepeatable objects.

BadToro, the best souvenir in Barcelona

And it is that the colleague BadToro, the first of the BadFriends gang, was born in the Ensanche of Barcelona in 2005. So BadToro products are a perfect memory of the city, the best souvenir of Barcelona. It is no longer necessary that you go with a Mexican hat, a bullfighter, a dancer or an Osborne bull. You can take something much more original made in Barcelona. Let’s see some ideas:


BadToro Cuba design caps

The BadToro caps with Cuba design (Fidel Castro style) are the most original, one of the best souvenirs in Barcelona. It is a cap with 100% cotton visor with adjustable back closure with strap, ventilation holes and the embroidered BadToro design. In addition, they are available in gray, black or military green colors.

souvenir barcelona

BadToro Black Collection Pack

The BadToro Black Collection Pack is one of the most popular BadFriends, consisting of four basic products of the brand: a 27×18 cm Big BadToro plush toy but ready for adventure, an urban and artistic BadToro Graffiti cap, a PVC BadToro keychain with metallic ring in bright nickel finish and a ceramic cup with the motto “Winners never quit”. In any souvenir shop you will find something so original.

The funniest t-shirts

In BadFriends we can find some of the most fun and original t-shirt designs with the BadToro design. Here we show you some of the ones we like the most:

So if you are looking for a different souvenir shop that offers you the best souvenir in Barcelona, visit the BadFriends store or look for its products at the airport … It will not disappoint you!

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