Maserati watches have a dynamic, sporty, racing and speed-loving spirit. The brand has become a global icon, and these watches are particularly appreciated by fans of the sportiest and most resolute lines. Maserati watches are equipped with high-precision mechanisms, automatic movements and bold styling elements that do not go unnoticed.

In Laguarda Joyeros, a Barcelona watchmaker and distributor of important brands with an online shop, and a good option to buy Maserati watches, they explain the characteristics of these creations.

Maserati watches: a way of life

Maserati represents a lifestyle based on a taste for challenges, unique luxuries, and an unmistakable style that is revealed in the details, precisely as in its Lifestyle collection watches. This range, rich in detail and with a strong personality, is also highly adaptable to the style of each individual, whether sporty, casual or chic.

The Maserati watches in the Lifestyle collection do not go unnoticed and can be worn on any occasion, whether at work or during leisure time. They combine versatility with striking details such as fluted bezels and gold and metallic grey finishes.

The Maserati SportWatches collection

Those who are fond of sporty and daring lines will find in the collections of the Maserati Sport line a perfect ally. The high-precision mechanisms of these watches are inspired by the mechanics of Maserati automobiles: works of art of sophisticated engineering.

These timepieces include elements evocative of the world of racing, such as the tachymetric scale or the in-line counters. They are details that symbolise specific references to models that made sports car history.

The Design Watches line

This other Maserati collection proposes a bold, elegant and energetic design, with an exclusive charm in each of its creations. The design is what most distinguishes them and makes them unmistakable, as it is a tribute to iconic car models.

Lovers of design and combinations of original shapes will find in the watches of the Design line elegant and aerodynamic models, with exclusive details and combinations of avant-garde materials. Each model combines originality and a unique design to be worn every day, every time.

Each model has its own story, the result of a combination of ideas inspired by the Trident brand’s most iconic automobiles. The original details are reflected in the dial, the original design cases and the new straps. Without a doubt, watches that combine design, personality and charisma in equal measure.

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