producción musical

The music production courses provide the tools for the creation of musical events with a knowledge base in sound and audio formation, legal advice, promotion and material dissemination.

Music production is the process by which a sound product is generated through the creative conceptualization of the work, its musical composition and its fixation through recording, mixing and mastering systems.

Find the course you are most interested in for producing Electronic Music and/or other possibilities within music production at Microfusa Escuela, your music production school.

Advantages of music production

Music Business training offers a number of advantages when looking for and finding work. 

The advantages are:

  • Diversity of work spaces, from independent artists to large production companies.
  • Improve our music in case of playing an instrument.
  • Short term career, between two and three years.
  • Provides communication and diffusion tools in the commercial field.
  • Possibility to travel in case of organizing events at international level.

Professional outings in the field of music production

A music producer is in charge of working together with new artists, with labels and recognized music companies, with production companies, event organizers, specialized media, management and development of national and international shows and record companies. 

A music producer can work on recording processes, processing and mastering of sound materials for editing in the media. 

Professional opportunities include a wide range of activities in the world of music, cultural and creative industries: musical creation, composition and performance; music production; live production; recording studios; recording and publishing companies; artist management; community management for artists and companies in the creative sector; tour management; production, promotion and management of events; musicologist; head of music-related companies; alderman of live shows; creator of sound performances and much more!

Music production courses in Barcelona with Microfusa Escuela.

Work fields

  • In record companies as a publisher.
  • In digital media, Film, TV and Radio, music and film production companies.
  • As an independent or freelance editor for production companies.
  • In music marketing via Internet.
  • In independent record companies.
  • In advertising agencies, marketing and digital design.
  • In the videogame industry, as a sound and special effects designer.
  • In the area of quality for the audio industry in high definition.

Music production courses in Madrid with Microfusa Escuela.

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