cursos de sonido online

The sound courses provide the knowledge to become an expert in sound editing and mixing, recording space conditioning and musical effects.

Microfusa Escuela, sound school, offers several online sound courses. The sound technician course is for all those who wish to enter the field of sound technology. 

In these sound courses, the concepts, tools and skills that sound professionals need to master in their work are analysed and investigated in depth. 

The key concepts that will be covered in the online sound course are: the nature of sound and its electronic form (audio), various tools (microphone, mixer, DAW, processor, loudspeaker, etc.) and the processes used to capture and manipulate sound. 

Related functions such as recording, mixing, equalisation and compression, mastering, etc. will also be studied.

What is a sound technician?

Sound technicians are professionals who are responsible for the best capture, recording and/or reproduction of sound at events (social events, meetings, debates, etc.) and audiovisual projects (films, radio and television programmes, music tracks, etc.). 

The profession of sound technician can be carried out indoors or outdoors:

  • Indoors, such as in a recording studio, recording and producing a new album of a music group or participating in the dubbing of films.
  • Outdoors, help set up a stage for a musical performance and operate the mixer after the concert.

Tasks of a sound technician

  • Tasks in production.
  • Post-production tasks.
  • Sound for shows and events.
  • Sound supervisor.
  • Microphone operator.
  • Dialogue editor.
  • ADR editing.
  • Sound and sound effects designer or Foley.
  • Music.

Professional opportunities for sound courses

The professional opportunities for a sound technician vary greatly, because they can work in television companies, radio stations, video production companies, music recording studios, telecommunications service companies, sound installations, multimedia and Internet, the music industry, electro-acoustics and, of course, in cinemas.

Sound technician diploma

The sound technician diploma consists of a two-year vocational training cycle offered by Microfusa. At the end of this cycle, you can obtain a bachelor’s degree (honours degree) from a university in England by completing the Microfusa in-person internship programme to progress to the third year at Solent University.