Oris watches are manufactured by the Swiss factory that has been named after it for more than a hundred years. They are characterized by their exceptional mechanics and design, as well as the red rotor symbolizing Oris watches. Celebrities from Formula One, aviation, scuba diving and also jazz music, often represent Oris watches sporting them, supporting limited editions.

The Oris automatic watch reflects the constant innovation applied by the brand to improve. An example of this is the Oris diving watch, created in collaboration with the Lake Baikal Foundation. This research center works for the conservation of Lake Baikal in Siberia, which is the deepest freshwater in the world.

The Oris brand joins this foundation to raise funds to support the “Point No. 1” conservation project, carried out by the Institute of Scientific Research Biology at Irkustk State University.

To do this, and to protect the deepest freshwater lake in the world, Oris launches this high-performance diving watch: the limited edition Oris Lake Baikal.

Knowing oris Baikal watches

Oris Baikal watches are finished with a special decoration on the back of the case, inspired by the icy surface of the lake in winter. Incorporates the recording of the limited edition number. The limited edition of this mechanical watch is based on 1,999 copies, and the amount is not coincidental. The number representing this amount was chosen commemorating the year in which Russia adopted the Baikal Law to protect the lake.

New creation of limited edition Oris, is based on the watch on the Oris Aquis diving watch. Its dial is gradient blue, reinforcing the aesthetics of this water-resistant watch in a range of 300 meters deep. Its strap is metal bracelet type composed of steel parts and folding buckle with extension.

Oris Lake Baikal has central functions for hours, minutes and seconds. It also incorporates a window with dater at 6 o’clock, instant date, date corrector, fine operating device and stop-second. But this mechanical watch also represents a profound message: that of the responsibility that we all have in taking care of our natural resources.

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Oris Baikal watches are finished with a special decoration on the back of the case

Lake Baikal and its peculiarities

The antiquity of this lake is dated to scientists in 25 million years, and has great ecological importance. Lake Baikal contains 20% of the world’s freshwater reserves and more than 50% of the world’s drinking water. It flows about 300 rivers and shelters thousands of endemic plant and animal species. The main enemy of this ecological treasure is pollution of human origin, mostly of industrial origin.

The Lake Baikal Foundation also supports innovative technologies that help study water microorganisms and their potential. Lake Baikal Foundation also supports other comprehensive projects involved in water research or the development of innovative technologies that will help us study the microorganisms of Lake Baikal and its potential.

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