Sale 2021: watches at heart rate

One of the most eagerly awaited events at the beginning of the year is the sales, also for buying watches, as you know from the watch shop in Barcelona Laguarda. There is no doubt that it represents an opportunity to get hold of one of the most used and practical jewels, the watch. Many people wait for the sales to renew their watch or to give it away. 

The current situation of pandemic need not be a problem, as establishments such as Laguarda, a watch shop in Barcelona, also have an online shop selling cheap watches of the best brands. Actually, cheap and of all prices, since as we have said, a watch is an essential basic, and not all pockets are the same. As different are the watches that can be found in the 2021 sales: brands, models and prices as not to let escape.

A watch shop in Barcelona you can trust

Buying watches online Seiko, Tissot watches, Certina watches, Junghans watches, or Masserati watches, among other brands, is becoming more and more common. But even so, you should make sure that it is done in a specialised shop that is an official distributor of the best brands. You should also have, in addition to a physical shop, an online shop with an extensive catalogue and up-to-date prices. There should also be an option to ask for availability and the final price of the offers, as they do at Laguarda Jewellery. The home delivery service should be equally quick and professional, so that the watch can be received within 24/48 hours.

The watches not to let these discounts go

Tissot watches stand out for their high technology, special materials and advanced functions. They present a wide range of high quality at an attractive price, surely more than the rest of the Swiss watch brands. Tissot respects tradition and modernity at the same time, and its creations are an example of precision and setting new standards.

Another brand to keep in mind is Seiko, whose technological development is focused on the creation of ’emotional technology’ that creates a link between watch and user.  Or the Maurice Lacroix and its Aikon collection. One example: the AIKON Quartz model with three hands, the dial is black with horizontal slots in relief. Or the AIKON Quartz Chrono with its black sundial. The Easychange system in the AIKON Quartz collection allows the strap attachment bars to be easily removed and exchanged with another strap of your choice. This allows you to vary the strap model, depending on the clothing or situation.

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