In the world of electronics there are different softwares, one of them is rekordbox. This software patented by the prestigious brand Pionner was designed to organize the music tracks of DJs. A classifier where to save all the mixes in the cloud, to have them available where and when they are needed. Its innovations offer multiple creative possibilities. Thousands of opportunities to continue producing your music from anywhere on the planet.

Rekordbox is compatible with mixers, controllers, players, and interfaces. It is fully combined with all Pionner dj products and programs like the ones you can find in the Microfusa store. The DDJ-400 Pionner controller, one of the best controller for beginners. With a simple connection from an iPhone or iPad to enjoy the free version of iOS.

The cloud platform

A direct bridge between the rekordbox library and the Dropbox store. At any time you can access your creations. You can take your music with you and access it when you need it. Now you have no excuses when your friends ask you for a private concert when you are away from home. Its intuitive interface together with its advanced tools makes it easy to configure your playlists, loops or cues points with automatic synchronization in the cloud.

Likewise, with rekordbox you can manage different media from a hard drive or streaming services. Everything in one place. Capacity is not a problem, with the professional program your capacity is unlimited. The program allows you to synchronize multiple devices such as PC, Mac or editing.

Take advantage of features specially optimized for smartphones. Prepare your track lists with one click. You will not lose any of your ideas. The mobile program plays tracks from the same application. Thanks to the management of the library from the cloud and a USB connector, it works from a single board.

Rekordbox on the dance floor

The rekordbox playback is coordinated with several applications and software at the same time, which allows collaborative sessions with other DJs in the same show. A hand in hand between professionals. Its extensive navigation option allows you to quickly find track by track of the session. The Related Tracks function launches a range of options that match the mix that is currently playing. Its high-precision analysis uses advanced algorithms to detect rhythm patterns. With a simple search tag the program launches complementary melodies.

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