Maserati Watches: A Symbol of Power

The history of Maserati watches dates back to 1914, when Alfieri Maserati and his brothers began the handcrafted production of high-end automobiles in Bologna, Italy. The Maserati brothers, before launching their own brand in 1926, built racing cars for other firms. Sporting successes came in abundance from 1930 onwards, and in 1954 Juan Manuel Fangio won the Formula 1 World Championship driving a Maserati.

Maserati watches emerged somewhat later, when the company was sold and bought several times. Today it belongs to the Fiat group, and Maserati watches have been manufactured under licence for the last decade by the Italian watchmaking group Morellato, which has extensive experience in the watchmaking world.

Buying Maserati watches means acquiring an item of careful design and originality, in line with the brand’s philosophy of quality, sportiness and exclusivity. These charismatic timepieces, which can also be purchased online at Joyería Laguarda, a reference watchmaker in Barcelona, appeal especially to people who love sports and life.

Maserati watches: a facet of a brand with history

Since the first Maserati factory was founded, the brand has played an important role in the history of sports cars and their development. Over more than 100 years of activity, it has achieved many accomplishments on the road and on the track, even in the most difficult times. These circumstances have helped forge the brand’s winning character and personality.

But beyond Maserati’s sporting achievements and the launch of great road and sports cars, the company has not stopped developing industrially over the years either. Since its move from Bologna to the current premises in Modena in 1940, the brand has forged one of the most important stages since the history of its creation.

In recent years, Maserati has decided to expand into the watchmaking sector and has achieved great success. Its watches are authentic jewels made with the meticulousness typical of Maserati products, and a design worthy of the symbol of power that this brand represents for many.

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