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The first of Seiko’s diving watches was created in 1965, and since then the company has continued to push the boundaries. Today, with Seiko Prospex, the Japanese brand is introducing two modern reinterpretations of the iconic watches from 1965 and 1970 with special fabric straps specifically for diving.

Both Seiko watch models combine design and functions in a balanced way, sharing the specifications introduced last year in celebration of the 55th anniversary of Seiko’s first diving watch. The dials of both reinterpretations harmonise perfectly with the tones of their fabric straps.

Diver’s watches from 1970

Seiko watches of that era had a water resistance of 150 metres, making them ideal for those who needed a watch with high resistance and visibility. The Seiko watch was put to the test on the wrist of the Japanese, Naomi Uemura, in the years 1974 to 1976 by completing a 12,500 km race from Greenland to Alaska on a dog sled.

Another highlight of this Seiko watch is its strap, which incorporates a traditional Japanese braiding technique called Seichu. Its aesthetics and texture are uniquely Japanese, made to have almost four times the tensile strength of normal Seiko textile straps. Their strength and resistance to sunlight wear makes them up to Seiko’s diving watch standards, ideal for underwater use. The unique braiding pattern makes these straps very comfortable on the wrist.

Where to buy the best Seiko watches

Without a doubt, the best option to buy a Seiko Prospex, a Seiko Monster or a Grand Seiko, among other collections of the Japanese brand, is in an official distributor such as Laguarda Joyeros. They have an extensive catalogue with updated prices and a fast and professional delivery service. In addition to purchasing watches in their physical shop in Barcelona, you can also buy directly through their website, with maximum guarantees.

Another highlight of the Grand Seiko range is a watch that the brand calls its “masterpiece”: the Spring Drive. The blue dial of this watch is dotted with what appear to be distant stars. This is a unique manufacturing and finishing technique that combines stamping, plating and painting. The result is an absolutely original dial. Its uniqueness is that it looks different at each and every viewing angle, just like the night sky above Achi, a village famous for its spectacular skies.

This beautiful spot is located high in the mountains of the southern part of Japan’s Shinshu region. Thanks to its height above the sea, the purity of the air and its remoteness from cities, the stars stand out in the universe in an incredibly sharp way.

The platinum case of this watch, with the silent, continuous sliding seconds hand across the dark blue dial with stars, is Grand Seiko’s masterpiece. A majestic watch, like the heavens and the natural laws that govern them in mysterious and incomprehensible ways. A luxury to wear on the wrist.

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