Sendra shoe, elegance and comfort

Los zapatos Sendra son un referente en diseño y calidad

Sendra shoes, also known as Sendra Boots, carry 100 years of history behind them as a result of the experience of 4 generations. Sendra Boots started as a family business and today is one of the most important boots brands in the world, something they have achieved thanks to their ability to constantly evolve.

The secret of its success lies in its successful designs, the careful craftsmanship, the quality of the materials, and the passion of a whole team. Talk about Sendra shoes is synonymous with prestigious footwear achieved by hand. This desire for perfection is renewed every day by artisan hands that design, cut, embroider and mold the skins in order to achieve a perfect finish. Small works of art achieved as a result of a process consisting of 250 steps, among which the “Goodyear Sewing” should be noted.

This sewing system, which contributes so much to Sendra’s unsurpassed quality as a brand, is a double stitch that joins the skin with the sole. As a result, great strength and durability of the footwear is achieved. The boot floor consists of two separate soles, and among them a layer of agglomerated cork provides comfort and acts as a thermal insulator.

Sendra Boots: steps full of perfection

In the final phase of the creation of each Sendra boot, it is subjected to a sanding and polishing of its edges and heels. Then the ink, waxes and anilines are applied, then resting for three days in last to fix the curves in the memory of the skin.

Sendra women’s boots or shoes, incorporate very wearable styles They are not out of fashion and are easily combinable with both jeans and skirt. As for example, the half-round and round-toe cowboy boots, elegant, very comfortable and with an irresistible design.

The materials of the Sendra boots for men and women can be diverse: leather, worn skin, turned skin, oiled skin … The colors cover a wide range of browns, but there are also models in bolder tones such as red, blue or leather combinations blue, red and white.

Looking for the perfect boots

  In Corbeto’s Boots, the reference store of country boots and accessories for lovers of Western culture, they have a great variety of Sendra Boots’s most prominent models. In Corbeto’s you will find variety, quality and top-level products, such as Sendra shoes, also through its online store.

Cowboy boots for women, such as Sendra Boots, are one of the specialties of the Corbeto’s online store. With spectacular designs, high cane, heel and handmade, the Sendra Boots are also the best known in denim fashion.

In any case, cowboy boots in general are a trend, and they can show off regardless of our style: they fit in with everything. Not only are they indicated for country dancing for hours, but to wear them every day as part of the most urban styles. They are authentic works of art for the feet, which can take you very far thanks to how comfortable it is and the excellent quality of its materials.

En Corbeto's Boots pueden encontrarse diseños de botas espectaculares fabricadas artesanalmente, como las Sendra Boots

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