tienda de souvenirs

When tourists visit our cities they seem to have a kind of special obsession to get into a souvenirs shop and catch the largest and most tacky Mexican hat possible. As if it were a kind of tradition when visiting the city. Come on, as if the most typical thing about visiting Barcelona, for example, was walking through Las Ramblas with a Mexican hat. And the inevitable thing is that every souvenirs shop in Las Ramblas exploits the concept by filling their premises with colorful Mexican hats. What can we do!

tienda de souvenirs

Take a “typical” souvenir from the souvenirs shop

The problem is that the souvenirs shop has ended up becoming a place that sells what the tourist expects to find and not in an authentic souvenir shop of the city that is being visited.

You go to any tourist place in Spain and you end up finding a series of iconic objects that, in reality, do not represent the place you are visiting. And is that the Mexican hats, the bailaoras, the bullfighters and the Osborne bulls, are not really true memories of many of the places and cities of Spain. Yes, they are curious if we work hard. But representative of the place you have visited, no.

In the same way that a Mexican hat seems to me an absurd memory of Barcelona, ​​it seems absurd to visit the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and after seeing how the botafumeiro dance they take me with me an Osborne bull. Or visit the aqueduct of Segovia and buy a bailaora at a souvenir shop. It seems a bit surreal.

The truth, when the years go by and see those souvenirs, who will remember where they came from?

tienda souvenirs

Or choose a true souvenir

Of course, another possibility is to be more consistent and, when you visit a place and want to take a souvenir of your visit, you go to a souvenir shop to buy a souvenir that really is related to the place you have visited. It is usually the most practical option. Well, maybe you will not be able to do the clown for days with a Mexican hat that you will surely forget before getting on the plane when you return home, but at least you will have a real memory of the place you have visited. And, when time passes, you will at least remember where you got it.

Another equally interesting option is to buy an original and unique souvenir. No, a Mexican hat is not an original and unique souvenir, it is a simple clown. There is a whole range of possibilities: art, design, … And no, it doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. See if not in BadFriends, it is an online souvenir shop with physical presence in the main airports. And they have a collection of truly original, special and absolutely unique gifts and souvenirs. With such a memory you are sure to surprise. And is that BadFriends, specialists in the sale of souvenirs online are experts in surprising you.

tienda de souvenirs

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