Sale 2021: watches at heart rate

One of the most eagerly awaited events at the beginning of the year is the sales, also for buying watches, as you know from the watch shop in Barcelona Laguarda. There is no doubt that it represents an opportunity to get hold of one of the most used and practical jewels, the watch. Many people wait for the sales to renew their watch or to give it away.  The current situation of pandemic need not be a problem, as establishments such as Laguarda, a watch shop in Barcelona, also have an online shop selling cheap watches of the best brands. Actually, cheap and of all prices, since as we have said, a watch is an essential basic, and not all […]

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Seiko diving watches are preferred by lovers of sports and adventures by sea, sky or land. The first Seiko diver’s watch was launched in Japan in 1965, and since then the brand’s innovative technology has revolutionized the standards of watchmaking. In Seiko watches they constantly strive to offer solutions that guarantee the safety and confidence of divers, both professionals and creatives. And with its Seiko Prospex range it more than proves it. To celebrate the 55th anniversary of the creation of diver’s watches, the Prospex collection proposes three models inspired by the other three watches that created legend, making them reborn. The Prospex collection is synonymous with excellence in watches for all types of watches and environments, even the most […]

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These sales get your dream watch

Barcelona watchmaking

They say that January is the most difficult month to cope with the year, and that it is compensated with the incentive of sales. And they have logic because the sales provide the opportunity to acquire more easily than ever things that we need or are excited about. As for example, a watch, which for many people is his favorite jewel, and not only for how useful it is. That is why finding a watchmaker in Barcelona that is an official distributor of major brands, discounts and offers payment facilities, is the goal of many people. A good example of watchmaking in Barcelona that meets those requirements in Laguarda Joyeros, which also has an online store and a fast and […]

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