Like every first Sunday in May, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to remind her of how much she means to us. And jewelry is usually one of the most appreciated gifts. All mothers are excited about a present, regardless of the age of their children who, if they are young, have the complicity of their father. If jewelry is one of the favorite gifts on Mother’s Day, it is its great significance. The jewels symbolize admiration and commitment, and transmit love, gratitude, or friendship, that is why they go beyond a simple gift. Earrings, bracelets, pendants or even diamond or 18-carat gold jewelry are unforgettable gifts. Since ancient times jewels have very special symbolisms and were even attributed powers […]

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What to give for Valentine’s Day?


If there is a romantic gift par excellence, the jewels are the perfect detail for Valentine’s Day. Having a special jewel linked to the love we inspire our partners has an impossible value to quantify. And if that jewel is given the day dedicated to lovers, little else can ask the lucky person to receive it. But even the most romantic and romantic are sometimes in a hurry of time, running the risk of Valentine breaks into the calendar without having your gift ready. In these cases, resorting to an online jewelry store is an excellent resource for getting out of the rush.  An online jewelry store in Barcelona, ​​such as Laguarda, offers a wide range of high-quality jewelry with […]

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