Seiko diving watches are preferred by lovers of sports and adventures by sea, sky or land. The first Seiko diver’s watch was launched in Japan in 1965, and since then the brand’s innovative technology has revolutionized the standards of watchmaking. In Seiko watches they constantly strive to offer solutions that guarantee the safety and confidence of divers, both professionals and creatives. And with its Seiko Prospex range it more than proves it.

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of the creation of diver’s watches, the Prospex collection proposes three models inspired by the other three watches that created legend, making them reborn. The Prospex collection is synonymous with excellence in watches for all types of watches and environments, even the most extreme.

At Laguarda Jewelry in Barcelona, official distributors of Seiko watches among other prestigious brands, detail the characteristics of the Seiko Prospex collection, which they currently have for sale in their online jewelry store.

Seiko watches for demanding adventurers

The three new models of Seiko Prospex watches, although they are quite faithful to the designs that marked their time, logically they are updated both in specifications and in execution. It is worth noting the type of stainless steel used in the manufacture of these three watches. It is known as Seiko’s “Permanent Shine Steel”, and is the most corrosion resistant in the world. This means that it is the most suitable material for deep sea diving, and is currently used by high-end watches.

“Permanent Shine Steel” is also used on surfaces, coatings, bolts and other components of marine structures and vessels to prevent corrosion. The 1965 and 1968 Prospex re-enactments are powered by the high-beat 8L55 movement. The 1975 recreation bears the Caliber 8L35, developed and assembled expressly for diver’s watches at the Shizukuishi Watch Studio. The crystal of all three models is sapphire, and the 1975 recreation has an increased antimagnetic resistance of 40,000 A / m thanks to its pure iron sphere.

Designs inspired by the mystery of the sea

The design of the three Seiko Prospex recreations have in common a blue-gray dial inspired by the beauty of the sea, but at the same time standing out from the color of the deep oceans.

The gradation of the sphere’s color in the 1965 and 1968 re-enactments dramatizes the way the light fades as we plunge into the deep sea.

The straps of the three Seiko Prospex, which can also be purchased at the Barcelona Laguarda watch shop, a good alternative to buying watches in general, are also a tribute to the originals. They are modern straps both for their color and the material they are made of. The strap on the 1965 and 1968 re-enactments are made of silicone, and their pyramid pattern is identical to that of their predecessors. The recreation of the 1975 Seiko Diver incorporates an accordion strap.

Please note that all three watches are available as limited editions of 1,100 at selected Seiko Boutiques and retailers worldwide. Among them is Laguarda, a Barcelona watchmaker that also offers its models through its website.

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