Loquillo is once again in the news, and not because it has ever stopped being so: the importance of its role in the recording panorama is unquestionable. But on the one hand, the concert of the Loquillo tour scheduled for December 10, 2020, has been postponed to November 12, 2021. The long-awaited event will take place in Madrid, at the WiZInk Center, and Loquillo tickets can also be purchased online at Proactiv.

Loquillo himself has made an official statement announcing the postponement, and in the meantime he has thanked on behalf of his band the attitude, behavior and loyalty of his fans. Those who already had the tickets purchased do not have to make any changes: they are valid for the new dates.

But besides the news of the postponement of the Loquillo tour, the other news is that a book is already on sale that tells the story of Balmoral, the unforgettable album of Loquillo. The book has been in the bookstores since November 4, and is also on sale at La Tienda de Efe Eme, which sends free shipping to Spain/Peninsula.

Loquillo, for an instant, eternity

This is what it says on the cover of the book, narrated by Javier Escorzo. Balmoral is probably the most important album as a result of the artist’s maturity, a must for those who follow Loquillo’s discography. This volume, edited by Efe Eme, is a tribute to Balmoral, considered one of the most important albums in this country’s discography, which was released in 2008.

This record, for many the best of the singer’s long career, marked a before and after in his career. At that time the artist had just left the Troglodytes, and with Balmoral he managed to create a cocktail of rock, poetry, jazz, French song and other influences. A very successful work, celebrated by both the critics and the public, as a result of the new path taken by Loquillo.

Exceptional testimonies

In Javier Escorzo’s book, which is part of the Elepé collection, a tribute to the best popular Spanish albums, he narrates the journey that led the singer to the culmination of this work. A path that gave him the position that in justice corresponded to them, that of the success that remains in force today.

Javier Escorzo, writer of the book, has relied on the valuable direct testimonies of both Loquillo and the rest of the people who had a relevant influence in the creation of his masterpiece Balmoral. They are Igor Paskual, Sabino Méndez, Gabriel Sopeña, Jaime Urrutia, Andrés Calamaro, Laura Gómez Palma, David Bonilla, Thomas Canet, Jaime Stinus, Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Lauren Castagnet Juan Mari Montes and Carlos Segarra.

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