tienda de souvenirs online

Although it may seem strange to us at first sight, an increasingly popular option to buy the memories of our trips is the online souvenir store. As I say, the first feeling it gives is a bit of disbelief. It doesn’t make much sense, perhaps, to buy online the memories of your trip. The most common is to buy them on site, as we accumulate experiences. But the truth is that the online souvenir shop allows us much more than buying the typical tacky souvenir of our tourist visit.

As an example, we will take a short tour of stores that are dedicated to the sale of online souvenirs focusing on Barcelona products. And you will see that we have several options. Then I will explain why the concept of online souvenir store makes sense.

tienda de souvenirs online

Online souvenir store, a broad concept

In the same way as with any other type of commerce, the world of souvenirs has turned completely into the network. And, as if we were visiting the most tourist areas of any city, we can find a multitude of online souvenir shops with a wide range of products. Although, broadly speaking, in our country we can divide them into 3 types:

The “typical spanish” souvenirs

The souvenir store with “typical spanish” products, as happens in the streets of the tourist areas of our cities, is the most common in the network. You know, that typical store full of dancing dolls, bullfighters, Osborne bulls, colorful fans, castanets, t-shirts of the most famous football teams, monument figurines, plates with scenes, botijos and other fanfare that moves between gardening and the messing.

tienda de souvenirs

The cultural souvenir shops

Of course, these are the least common. In our tourist cities they are usually in important monuments or museums. They usually show higher quality products than “typical Spanish” stores, reproductions of artistic works, local crafts, etc.

Original gift shops

And finally, we have the most scarce stores, the unique and original souvenir shops. In Barcelona we have two very specific cases. BdBarcerlona, a store that markets all kinds of products from the iconic flower design of sidewalk tiles. And one of which we have already spoken to you on occasion, BadFriends, a curious online souvenir shop focused on casual design products made in Barcelona.

tienda souvenirs

Buy at an online souvenir store?

As I said at the beginning, it is not such a crazy concept, or at least I do not see it that way depending on what circumstances. It is true that I find it absurd to buy all the memories of my trip in this way. But I can think of some possibilities where everything makes sense:

  • When we forget some important detail for a family member or for a friend.
  • When we look for an original and fun gift, or something unique or special. Cultural souvenir shops or stores like BadFriends are much more than just souvenir shops.

What do you think?

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