Sendra boots for men and women carry 100 years of history and a more than consolidated success. The experience of four family generations currently backed by a team of more than 170 specialists in fashion and boot manufacturing, make Sendra Boots a great brand.

Sendra boots combine design, quality, comfort and charisma in equal parts. It is not surprising that it has become one of the most important brands in the world and that Sendra outlet is a highly coveted resource.

En At Corbeto’s Boots, passionate specialist in the sale of boots and accessories for over sixty years, there was no shortage of a Sendra outlet. Sendra boots for men, women and children at unrepeatable prices, a purchase that means savings and the possibility of getting one of the best shoes on the market.

Designs from the most classic to the most spectacular, such as Sendra cowboy boots, in excellent quality cowhide or leather and Gooyear stitched leather sole. Made of bovine leather, oiled leather, in different ranges of browns, black, combined … With the Sendbeto boots outlet from Corbeto’s, it was time to discover boots that will conquer you forever.

Sendra model women's boots

The Sendra boots and their long journey

The secret of the success of the Sendra brand is not accidental. Since its origins, which go back a century, they have not stopped evolving, seeking perfection both in design and in the craftsmanship of boots.

This has led to it being a small family business in its beginnings, it has become the number 1 brand in Europe. Every year, more than 200,000 pairs of Sendra boots go through the expert hands of the artisans who are part of the team.

The manufacturing process of the Sendra ankle boots and all the brand’s models stops for a manufacturing process of up to 250 operations. The careful care of its designs, its craftsmanship and the high quality of the materials used, have made the brand a benchmark. Designing, cutting, modeling, embroidering or piercing are some of the stages that these footwear go through daily before achieving a perfect finish.

Sendra model ankle boots, available in the Corbeto's outlet

The ideal Sendra boots model

The so-called Sendra women’s boots, which are often unisex models, are usually made of brown cowhide, sometimes greased. Some models are based on boots worn by cowboys in the 19th century, with a square toe like a braid on the shank.

There are models of Sendra biker boots, biker style boots with a square toe, Sendra cowboy boots with a harness, or also a spectacular combined copper skin… Even Sendra cowboy shoes, all this and more than you can imagine, you will find it at the Sendra outlet Corbeto’s, at prices that are an opportunity. Because any time of the year is good to buy Sendra boots, and if they are the Corbeto’s outlet, the occasion is simply perfect.

Sendra cowboy boots

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