What to give for Valentine’s Day?


If there is a romantic gift par excellence, the jewels are the perfect detail for Valentine’s Day. Having a special jewel linked to the love we inspire our partners has an impossible value to quantify. And if that jewel is given the day dedicated to lovers, little else can ask the lucky person to receive it.

But even the most romantic and romantic are sometimes in a hurry of time, running the risk of Valentine breaks into the calendar without having your gift ready. In these cases, resorting to an online jewelry store is an excellent resource for getting out of the rush.

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To the jewels of diamonds, 15 karat gold, earrings, bracelets or pendants, you have to add the watches, which are usually the favorite male jewel, and closely linked to feelings. In the online jewelry store Laguarda are official distributors in Barcelona of some of the most outstanding watch brands.

The countdown to February 14 has begun, but there is still time for Valentine to target… in the heart.

Discovering Valentine

The origin of this celebrity has given much to talk about, because despite being part of the Christian saints, little is known about Valentine’s Day as a historical figure. The truth is that there is very little data on this saint, so in 1969 it was eventually eliminated on February 14 from the liturgical calendar. This means that, today, Valentine’s Day is no longer a Christian holiday, but a celebration for lovers.

However, a legend circulates, which, like many other myths, fell deeply into popular culture. It seems that there was a Roman priest named Valentin. While he exercised his priesthood, Emperor Claudius II prohibited marriage between young people, and the best soldiers were single people who had no sentimental bond. Despite the emperor’s prohibition, Father Valentin continued to hold secret marriages, until he was discovered and imprisoned.

His captors challenged him asking him to return the sight of his jailer’s daughter, in order to prove the existence of God. Although Valentin ended the girl’s blindness, she remained imprisoned until her death, after which the girl planted an almond tree in her name. Since then this tree is considered as a symbol of love.

Legends that materialize in jewels

It is impossible to know what is true in this story, as is the case with most legends. But there are legendary love stories in the real world, most of them represented by some symbolic jewel. Engagement rings are a good example, and delivering a jewel like that on Valentine’s Day has a double meaning.

And since Valentine liked to make things easier for lovers, online jewelry stores such as Laguarda propose special offers to celebrate on February 14. Because there are no two equal diamonds; Each one is unique, like the person to whom it will go. Not in vain the jewels the best symbol of eternal love.