Autumn is here and with it the ban on biker and engineer boots opens. It all started in the 80s, and Burce Springteen had a lot to do with it, because she was the one who popularized biker boots at her concerts. The biker boots are characterized by their square toe design and the leather harness with grommets on the sides. When it comes to engineer boots, they are perfect for reinforcing the biker style. They are boots with a simple design, with a round toe, smooth leather, without drawings or stitches and with the color black as a progonist. The bikers incorporate a buckle on the upper part that adjusts the width of the shaft and another on the […]

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Biker boots, for BADASS

botas moteros

Today we talk about biker boots. Being a biker does not only mean getting on a motorcycle and driving it, being a biker goes much further, it is a feeling, a lifestyle. A lifestyle that not many understand, and that is that being a real biker is carried inside or not carried. Starting from that base, we know how important it is for tough guys like you who not only know that you are a true biker when you get on your motorcycle, but can also know when they look at you or look at you. The clothes we choose does not dictate how we are but it does define us; to us, our tastes and our lifestyles. That is […]

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