Like every first Sunday in May, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to remind her of how much she means to us. And jewelry is usually one of the most appreciated gifts. All mothers are excited about a present, regardless of the age of their children who, if they are young, have the complicity of their father.

If jewelry is one of the favorite gifts on Mother’s Day, it is its great significance. The jewels symbolize admiration and commitment, and transmit love, gratitude, or friendship, that is why they go beyond a simple gift. Earrings, bracelets, pendants or even diamond or 18-carat gold jewelry are unforgettable gifts.

Since ancient times jewels have very special symbolisms and were even attributed powers that attracted luck and prosperity. For example, the rings on the index finger symbolized power, while the ring finger protected against negative energies. Today the meanings have changed, but today giving a jewel is still one of the most appreciated and remembered details for the recipient.

Gift jewelry online: alternative as comfortable as safe

Another thing that has changed over time is how you buy jewelry, and e-commerce has a lot to do with it. Being able to choose the jewel among various models with ease, being able to consult any questions and receive the gift at our home with guarantees, offers many advantages.

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To choose the jewel to give away or make any inquiry, it can be done through its website, where you can access its updated catalog of your jewelry online.

The origin of Mother’s Day

The first celebrations of this day date back to nothing less than ancient Greece, and at that time the goddess Rea, the Great Mother of the Gods, was venerated. Later the Romans adopted this celebration calling it Hilaria, and it took place in the temple of Cibeles, lasting three days during which offerings are made.

Over time the Catholic Church transformed this pagan custom into a Christian celebration, honoring the Virgin Mary. As time went on and they reached the 17th century, in England they began to celebrate the so-called Mother’s Sunday, the day when the children went to mass and returned home with gifts for their mothers.

El Día de la Madre de la actualidad, fue creado en 1870 por Julia Ward Howe, una abolicionista y activista Today’s Mother’s Day was created in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe, an American abolitionist and activist who advocates for women’s rights.

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